Welcome to Island Acupuncture.

Island Acupuncture is a small, friendly Acupuncture Clinic based on the Isle of Wight in St Lawrence, Ventnor. The clinic is set in a peaceful location by the undercliff with beautiful views out to sea.


About Me

My name is Tony Bellis and I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which is the main governing body for over 3000 acupuncturists in the UK.  As members, we must have gained a qualification in acupuncture to at least, degree level and we are required to comply with the BAcC strict codes of conduct and safe practice.  So, you can rest assured that as a member of the BAcC I will be offering professional and safe treatments which are fully backed by medical insurance.

I have been working as an acupuncturist for a number of years in East London but have recently relocated to the Isle of Wight where I aim to develop a local practice at affordable prices. I have specialised in treating painful conditions like knee and lower back pain and I also have experience in helping with stress and anxiety disorders.


In the modern world acupuncture continues to be used in the Far East as a choice of treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Other Therapies

There are a number of related therapies which are available as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Check our prices page for more information about the therapies which are available.

Acupuncture Isle of Wight

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which was developed by the ancient Chinese over 2500 years ago. Written records which go back thousands of years describe how, through a process of careful observation, it was thought that the manipulation of certain points on the body could have therapeutic benefits in the treatment of illness and pain. Over time, these points were categorised as acupuncture points and a theory of how blood flow and energy circulated in the body was established. Blockages to the free flow of blood and energy through the body were considered to be a cause of disharmony resulting in ill health or pain. Such disharmonies could arise from external or internal causes including stress, trauma, work/life imbalances, climatic conditions, diet etc.

Acupuncture needles are used to clear stagnant points where there may be an excess or to tonify points where there may be a deficiency, thereby helping the body restore harmony.